ten-ludzki.lapy.pl - You close your eyes
You close your eyes
Say goodnight in your own special way
And you rest your head
And you rest it
Your whole mind
And there you go
There you go, so so fast asleep
There you go so so fast away
And there you are
Without a care
We know where
But there you are without a care
Where you lay
Lay lay, oh, out and away
Spiraling spaces tangled in the morning sun
Touching time trying to find some somewhere
Sleeping sideways
I get folded up in life?
My head explodes and from the mind too much time
For dancing in our heads
Sister don’t be shy between little you and I
Oh, miles in line there
Tears beam inside
And we’re gonna weep in between the sleep
Until we float away, until we float away
In the broken promises
Too much, too hard to keep
And we would sell our souls to the devil
If he promised to say something we already know, so well
Then it’s right on, said rig ht, said it’s right on
Took a far tone
Something big that has already begun
Something dead just not quite numb, ah
I say in miles in line tears beside
Oh, and we’re gonna weep inbetween the sleep
Until we float away, until we float away
In the broken promises
Said along broken, oh broken promises
Said along broken promises
Da da da…

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